About us

ARGENTO believes in passion for distinguished and creative handcrafted quality products, simplicity and timeless design.

ARGENTO is a luxury gifts atelier operating in Dubai since 2002 specialized in exclusive bespoken luxury items carefully selected for weddings, personal use or corporate events including but not limited to objects of art, Murano glass, silverware, ceramics, interior housewares. The selection of Italian quality craftsmanship, combining the elegance of the details with the originality and timeless designs, meaning every piece has its own unique tooling marks and natural patterns that pays homage to the time tested traditional skills of the artisans we work with, tell the passion and creativity of the firm to research or develop the refined right object or gift experience for all private or corporate occasions sure to leave a memorable and lasting impression on its recipient.

Blow by Mouth – Murano Glass
The island of Murano in Venice has been the homeland of original art glass since 1291, when the Republic of Venice decreed that all glass-making activities were to be confined to the island, for two main reasons: to avoid the risk of devastating fires, as at that time house and furnaces were made of wood, and to make leakage of trade secrets much more difficult. The top-secret techniques for glass manufacturing have been passed down from generation to generation since then. The ancient glass blowing technique it was refined in Venice more than anywhere else in Europe because of the trading contacts that the Venetians had with the Orient and above all with countries that already had an ancient tradition in glass blowing such as the Fenici, the Syrians and the Egyptians. Such traditions, renewed in the celebrated furnaces of Islam, were an occasion to reconstruct both Western and Oriental knowledge and techniques by giving the Venetian production a particularness that made their glass so important throughout the world over the course of centuries. Today Venetian glass production is world renowned for quality and beauty.

The Hands of Art Craft Pottery
The pottery is a delicate material, especially fragile and ductile. Those who buy a ceramic product are not seeking the expression of design and perfection that can be found in table ware. Ceramic heat transmits because imperfect. The imperfection is the testimony of artisan production, correct step by step by the skilled hands of artisans. Hands that produce pottery are hardened by continuous exposure to water and are rendered insensible by high temperatures ceramics coming out firing kilns. Despite these abuses, the hands of the craftsmen are extremely precise when handling the artefacts in all production stages. These hands bear the responsibility of finished products. When you take in your hands a hand-crafted ceramics look for proofs of craftsmanship. Try the handprints of craftsmen, the dots on the paint or color inaccuracies. By purchasing a product with these features you are sure that you take home a product made by experience, passion and tradition.